Cycle Three In One Pure Agarbathies 240 gm

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One of our time-tested, best-selling combo pack which has 3 different fragrances in 1 pack: 1. Serene (Lily) The delicate, subtle fragrance of lily creates a serene ambience. Let its gentle soothing and sedating qualities calm your heart and emotions and lull you into a state of peace. 2. Yugantar (Fancy) A sweet, fruity creation whose aroma linge on long after it is burnt, yet is enticing enough to leave you yearning for more. The fruity experience rejuvenates you completely, as much as eating a vitamin packed basket full of fruits would. 3. Jagrane (Intimate) This utterly sweet smelling fragrance with its bouquet of green and coniferous undertones creates a cozy atmosphere and awakens your senses to the new aura surrounding you.


  • Type : Agarbatti
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